Online Document Delivery Service

This service aims to accommodate requests of students and faculty members to obtain scanned copies of pages/ chapters of print materials available only in the library. The scanned copies shall be delivered via email under the fair dealing exceptions in the Intellectual Property Code and Copyright Law (R.A. 8293).

Access the O.D.D.S. request forms for Quezon City and Manila Libraries here.

Orientation and Instruction Services

To promote maximum utilization of the resources, facilities, and services of the T.I.P. Libraries, a guided orientation for new students, faculty members and employees is conducted at the beginning of every semester. During the said orientation, the rules and regulation of the library is also explained.

Reference and Information Services

The T.I.P. Libraries provide reference and information services during the library hours. Inquiries may be made in person and online. Direct instruction and assistance are given to clientele regarding the use of reference resources and facilities of the libraries. Reference service is available to all library clientele.

Internet Services

The Multimedia Internet Research Room of the libraries used for searching the net and browsing CD-ROMs. The Internet facility is strictly for research purposes only. Internet access in the libraries supplements the use of the Internet laboratory.

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

This is a computerized catalog that replaces the traditional card catalogue. Browsing terminals are provided for searching the library’s collections. It allows faster search and gives more search options by simply typing the author, title or subject on the catalog search box.

Bibliographic Services

The T.I.P. Libraries offer research assistance to clientele by providing advice on bibliographic and citation styles. This service includes compiling bibliographies upon request of students and employees.

Current Awareness Services

This service includes the awareness and promotion of library resources and activities through social media accounts, Library in Canvas, Library Bulletin of New Acquisitions and the Table of Contents of the newly received journals are disseminated regularly to the faculty members and students.

Instructional Media Services

The Multimedia Internet Research Section of the T.I.P. Libraries house a collection of audiovisual materials such as CD-ROMs/DVDs and other non-print materials. These materials can be used in the Audio Visual Rooms of the libraries.

Photocopying and Printing Services

Facilities for making copies of library materials are available for a fee. Photocopying machines are available at the different T.I.P. Libraries while printing services are available at the Multimedia Internet Research Rooms. All copying is to be done in accordance with the Philippine Copyright Law. It is fair dealing to make a copy for the purpose of research or study of a reasonable portion of work.

Inter-referral Services

Students who wish to research in other institutions must secure a referral letter.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Library buildings are connected to a local area wireless technology that allow devices to exchange data or connect to the internet for the access of online databases (i.e. e-books, e-journals).

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